Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below. We tried to answer as many of the most common questions we get. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for feel free to call us!

Can I use my insurance?

We are constantly working on negotiating the best prices for our customers.  Our specialty prices are for time of service payment only.  We want no surprises when it comes to your health, you have enough to deal with.  You will never get a sneaky bill in the mail for our office.

I don't see a lab I'm interested in, how can I find out if it can be ordered from your lab?

Sure thing!  We don’t list every lab you have access to as there are literally thousands.  Most labs are available for direct access, others will require a doctor’s recommendation.  Email or call us 970-532-2755 for specifics.

Can I order a drug test at your facility?

Yes, we do not have them listed to the many substances that can be tested as well as the different methods.  We have on-site rapid drug screens as well as laboratory testing. Please contact us for specifics on the test you are looking for.

What do you use to process the samples?

Some samples, such as a rapid strep culture can be performed right in our lab.  Most other tests are processed off-site by some of the leading laboratories in the industry.  With over 30 lab companies to choose form, we can run nearly any test you would like.  LabCorp, Quest, IGeneX, Diagnostic Solutions and Doctor’s Data are just some of the companies we work with.

Hours of Operation


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