Essential Estrogen Metabolites – Urine

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Dried urine is a form of collection where patients saturate a filter card with a urine sample. Once dry, urine cards are extremely stable for shipment and storage, and this method eliminates the need for jug urine collection.

Why measure in urine? Urine testing is the best way to measure adrenal and sex steroid hormone by-products and their respective metabolic pathways, providing a gauge for understanding the body?s hormone metabolism. Urine testing is also the preferred method for testing elements like iodine and heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium. Additionally, it?s the most common method for testing neurotransmitters.

Accurately measuring hormones in dried urine is another scientific first pioneered by ZRT.

Metabolites tested:

  • Estradiol (E2)
  • Estrone (E1)
  • Estriol (E3)
  • 2-Hydroxy Estradiol (2-OH E2)
  • 2-Hydroxy Estrone (2-OH E1)
  • 4-Hydroxy Estradiol (4-OH E2)
  • 4-Hydroxy Estrone (4-OH E1)
  • 16?-Hydroxy Estrone (16?-OH E1)
  • 2-Methoxy Estradiol (2-MeO E2)
  • 2-Methoxy Estrone (2-MeO E1)
  • 4-Methoxy Estradiol (4-MeO E2)
  • 4-Methoxy Estrone (4-MeO E1)
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