IvyGene? Cancer Blood Test



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The?IvyGene??Cancer Blood Test?measures the methylation status of cell-free DNA at target sites that have been demonstrated to be hypermethylated when certain cancers are present.


Methylation is an epigenetic marker that acts both as an indicator and regulator of gene expression. In essence, by identifying which genes are turned on or turned off, we may identify when cancer is present. Methylation, as an epigenetic marker, is standard in both healthy patients and patients with cancer, therefore methylation serves as a highly reliable tool to confirm cancer presence, in stark contrast with identifying genetic mutations, which may be random.The IvyGeneCORE test analyzes methylation ratios at specific gene targets to confirm the presence of cancer. Those gene targets were identified through AI and Next Generation Sequencing technology, which decoded the human genome to produce specific gene targets for analysis. The IvyGene technology analyzes only those specific gene targets.In a trial, the IvyGeneCORE test produced a sensitivity of 84% and specificity of 90% on both cancer and healthy patients. Other biomarkers produced sensitivities ranging from 21-80% sensitivity and specificity ranging from 60-77%. Based on results of the CEA, CA-125, and PSA.