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We have simplified the diagnostic process.  Below you will find some of our most popular panels and a complete list of labs and studies we offer for direct access.  Do not see a test you’re looking for please contact us.

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Our Most Popular Panels

Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

Finally get that comprehensive look at this endocrine system.  This is our most popular thyroid hormone panel.  This panel also includes the markers for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Stress and Fatigue Response Profile

This profile will look at those hormones involved in the stress response.  Ensure your body is not over or under producing.  This test includes a diurnal cortisol, DHEA and 75 urinary metabolites to look at stress and energy markers.

Ultimate Female Hormone Profile

This profile take a different look at hormones, in fact, 2 different views.  Utilizing Salivary and Urinary studies you can now gather your hormonal status and proper or improper metabolism.

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